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2022 Assyrtiko, Argyriou Winery - Parnassus

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Argyriou Wine Estate, nestled in the picturesque wine region of Parnassus, epitomises Greek winemaking excellence. With a rich history dating back generations, the estate produces exceptional wines that capture the essence of the terroir. The rugged slopes of Parnassus, coupled with the region's unique microclimate, impart distinctive characteristics to the grapes grown here.

Among the estate's treasures is Assyrtiko, a grape variety often overshadowed by its more famous counterparts. Yet, Assyrtiko possesses a remarkable depth of flavour and complexity that belies its underrated status. Its vibrant acidity, minerality, and citrus notes make it a versatile and refreshing choice, capable of ageing gracefully over time. Assyrtiko's expression in Parnassus reflects the region's volcanic soil and high altitude, yielding wines of exceptional purity and finesse.

Argyriou's commitment to quality and innovation shines through in their Assyrtiko, showcasing the grape's true potential and elevating it to its rightful place among the world's most distinguished varietals.

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