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1997 Pomerol - Chateau Mayne Rene

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Château Mayne René, a distinguished Pomerol estate from the remarkable 1997 vintage, exemplifies the essence of this renowned Bordeaux appellation. This Merlot-dominant wine captures the elegance and finesse characteristic of Pomerol wines, known for their velvety textures and rich, plummy flavours. The blend typically comprises Merlot, imparting softness, and is complemented by Cabernet Franc, adding structure and aromatic complexity.

The 1997 Château Mayne René reflects the vintage's balanced conditions, yielding a wine with a harmonious interplay of fruit and subtle tannins. Renowned for its commitment to traditional winemaking practices, this estate has crafted a wine that encapsulates the essence of Pomerol – a region celebrated for producing some of Bordeaux's most captivating and approachable red wines. The 1997 vintage from Château Mayne René is a testament to the estate's dedication to quality, offering wine enthusiasts a glimpse into the allure of Pomerol's terroir.

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