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2021 Roero, Arneis, Giovanni Rosso - Piedmont

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Giovanni Rosso, a maestro in the Piedmont wine scene, orchestrates a symphony of flavours with a spotlight on the intriguing Arneis grape. While red wines often steal the show in this region, Giovanni Rosso's commitment to crafting a remarkable Arneis white wine adds a touch of magic to their repertoire.

The Arneis grape, a Piedmontese gem, finds its muse in Giovanni Rosso's vineyards. The white wine born from these grapes is a revelation – a dance of crisp acidity, floral aromas, and a subtle nuttiness that keeps you coming back for more. It's like a sip of sunshine captured in a glass.

Giovanni Rosso's approach is a celebration of tradition and innovation. From the meticulous vineyard management to the precise winemaking techniques, each step is a testament to their commitment to quality. When you taste Giovanni Rosso's Arneis, you're not just sipping wine; you're experiencing the unique character of Piedmont in a way that's refreshing, lively, and utterly delightful. Raise your glass to Giovanni Rosso – where the Arneis grape takes centre stage in a symphony of Piedmontese passion!

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