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2022 Les Pieces Longues - Fabien Jouves

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This is up there with the very best Chenin Blancs in the world, think Richard Leroy, but at a fraction of the price. Fabien is a talented winemaker based in Cahors, an area more famous for producing wines made from Côt (Malbec), but he realised he had Kimmeridgean soils running through his vineyards. He's based in the South West of Cahorsin Trespoux Rassiels. The same soils that produce some of the best fresh and lean white wines in the world like Chablis. Inspired and determined after tasting a bottle of stunning Loire Chenin he created a unique take on it. The vines are around 22 years old, they are hand picked then made in a reductive style - you'll notice that when you smell the flinty nose. These wines walk a tightrope of being pure yet wild, they're superb.

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