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MV Circumstantia MMXXI Blanc [Lot LMCIR 20/21], Buronfosse - Jura

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Nestled in the Jura region, Domaine Buronfosse emerges as a hidden gem, standing in stark contrast to its more hyped neighbour, Ganevat. While Ganevat wines often steal the spotlight, Domaine Buronfosse quietly crafts exceptional wines that offer incredible value for money without the fuss and fanfare.

In this corner of Jura, the vineyards of Domaine Buronfosse thrive, benefiting from the unique terroir of the region. From the aromatic Savagnin to the delicate Pinot Noir, each bottle tells a story of dedication and craftsmanship. Unlike the buzz surrounding some highly sought-after wines, Buronfosse's creations are a delightful secret waiting to be discovered.

With a commitment to organic farming and minimal intervention winemaking, Domaine Buronfosse lets the wines speak for themselves. No hype, just pure expression of Jura's terroir in every sip. So, if you're seeking quality without the hefty price tag, step off the beaten path and indulge in the lesser-known, yet exceptional, wines of Domaine Buronfosse. Cheers to discovering the hidden treasures of Jura!

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